Participate in the laboratory

Become an undergraduate research assistant Each semester, undergraduates help conduct research in our laboratory. Psychology students can receive course credits for assisting in our research group. After working on ongoing projects in our lab, many students transition to working on their own independent research projects, and some eventually work on an undergraduate honors projects. If you would like to gain research experience in our lab, please send an e-mail to Viktoriia Voloshyna ( with the following information: (1) what you hope to gain from your research experience and (2) which research topics in our laboratory you’re interested the most. Please also identify any special skills you have (computer skills, programming, etc) that might be useful in a research setting. No prior research experience or technical skills are required, but if you do have any, please mention them.

Become a graduate student in the laboratory

If you are interested in pursuing a psychology Ph.D. at the National University of Ostroh Academy, please email us Our lab regularly collaborates with students from many laboratories at the university, and students in our lab work with other faculty as well. So, even if our lab is not taking students in a given year, there might still be opportunities to work in our laboratory if you came to our university.

Participate in studies

In the near future, we will be adding links for ongoing studies to this site. These will be online studies that you can do even if you are not at the National Univercity of Ostroh Academy. Stay tuned.



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